[How do winter melon make delicious fillings]_How to make_Homely practices

[How do winter melon make delicious fillings]_How to make_Homely practices

Many people may not particularly like to eat melon. Although it is not as delicious as meat, its nutrition is very rich, and it can clear heat and detoxify. It is very good to eat melon in summer.

Winter melon can not only cook directly, but also make soup. In addition, winter melon can also be used as a filling. In this way, it is very delicious to make vegetarian fillings.

How do winter melon make delicious fillings?

Let’s introduce specific methods to people.

(1) Ingredients of winter melon dumplings: flour amount, winter melon supplements: 1 carrot, 5 shiitake mushrooms, 1 parsley seasoning: proper salad oil, salt, and sesame oil.

Knead the flour with water to form a dough and cover with plastic wrap.

Prepare the filling 2 using the time of the noodles.

Peel and seed the melon, use a chopping board to cut into filaments, sprinkle salt, kill water, and squeeze dry.

Don’t throw the squeezed winter melon juice and keep it for soup 3.

Fresh shiitake mushrooms are scalded in boiling water and chopped 4.

Peel the carrots and rub them into filaments; wash and chop parsley 5.

Mix all ingredients together, add oil, sesame oil, salt, and mix well 6.

Boil the dough and wrap it into dumplings.

Add water to the extruded winter melon juice, boil, add sweet corn kernels, green leaves, and sesame oil to make a bowl of delicious winter melon soup. The characteristics are filled with winter melon, refreshing and tired, which is suitable for this boring summer.

Incidentally, the by-product, melon soup, although it looks like water, is a mouthful of melon, which is a pleasant surprise.

(2) Ingredients of winter melon and egg dumpling ingredients: 600g of winter melon, 3 eggs, 2 fritters, 400g of dumpling skin. Auxiliary ingredients: oil amount, sesame oil amount, salt amount, thirteen flavor amount, chicken essence amount step 1.

Prepare the ingredients.


Beat the eggs and cook in oil.


Mince the scrambled eggs into the bowl.

Chop the fritters into a bowl.

Wash and peel the melon, shave it with salt for a while, and squeeze the water into the pot.


Pour in sesame oil, add thirteen incense and chicken essence and mix well.


Take a dumpling crust and place the filling in the middle.


Squeeze the dumplings tightly and wrap the dumplings.


Pack the dumplings and start cooking.


All the dumplings come up, and the dumplings are cooked!


Boil water and add dumplings.


Delicious dumplings are on the table!