[How to make burrito]_How to make_How to make

[How to make burrito]_How to make_How to make

Breakfast is the most important of the day, and there are many choices for breakfast. You can eat bread, buns, porridge, etc. But many people especially like pancakes. Pancakes are rich in nutrients and delicious.It can also be made with flour, and pancakes made with corn flour have a higher nutritional value. Before making corn pancakes, you must re-screen the corn flour, and select some coarse particles to taste better.

Let ‘s learn together.

First, tools / raw pancake stove corn paste pancake tool method / steps, to spread burrito at home, the first thing we have to do is to prepare the corn, clean the corn in advance, and clean it well.

The second step is to spread the burrito at home. We must pay attention to the cleaned corn, find a grinding table, pressure stick, and crush it.

The third step is to spread the pancakes at home and bubble the crushed corn with water, or keep it warm at night for one night.

The fourth step is to spread the burrito at home. We must pay attention to the corn crushed by the warm soaking water and find a special machine to grind it into a paste, or grind it with a stone to make a paste.

The fifth step is to spread the burritos at home. We must pay attention to preparing our own tools for spreading pancakes. There is a stove for pancakes, a pancake mat for pancakes, and a spoon.

The sixth step is to spread the burrito ourselves. We have prepared the corn paste and corn tools. Below is the stove, use a spoon to scoop a spoon, and then start pancakes with a pancake poncho.

Precautions Note that the thickness of the pancake paste is moderate. Ingredients: white flour 30g fine corn flour 60g fine bean flour 20g water moderate salt 2g peanut oil moderate method / steps prepare 30g white flour.

For white noodles, choose high-gluten wheat flour, and the pancake fruit tastes very delicious.

Prepare 60 grams of corn flour.

Pay attention to the placement of corn flour. The corn flour has sweetness, so it is easy to get worms when it is stored. It must be taken out in a ventilated and dry place to dry, and then sealed.

Add 20 grams of bean noodles.

The addition of bean noodles will make this pancake practice more authentic.

Add 2 grams of fine refined salt.

Mix these powdery substances with a small spoon.

Slowly add water.

The amount of water added must be controlled.

Continue adding water and batter.

The batter is a little thicker.

Let stand for half an hour.

The effect of standing is to make the batter more delicate and more ductile. When pancakes are spread, they can be thinner and delicious.

Grease the even picture on the electric baking pan.

Use a small spoon to dig two spoons of pancake batter on top of an electric baking pan.

Spread the batter with the bottom of the spoon.

The thinner the batter is in the baking pan, the better.

Use a spoon to adjust the thickness of the pancakes.

After finishing coating, look for it with a spoon. Where the thickness is thicker, the picture is thinner. Then add some batter. After finding one side, the pancakes are evenly spread.

Prepare such a spatula for turning pancakes.

The pancakes are fried on one side.

Use a spatula to fry on the other side.

After a few minutes, the hot pancakes were ready.

Precautions The preparation of pancake batter is a crucial step. This batter needs to be added with cornmeal, bean noodles, and a small amount of white noodles. The batter needs a little bit of water, and the final batter is slightly thickerThe pancakes spread out in this way are both crispy and fragrant.

The pancakes spread out need to be air-conditioned before they can be eaten.