[Home-made practice of delicious and delicious stewed pork leg bones]_How to make_Method Daquan

[Home-made practice of delicious and delicious stewed pork leg bones]_How to make_Method Daquan

Pork leg bones are the leg bones of pigs. Sometimes they are not called cone bones or big bones. They are a common ingredient. Many people like to use pork leg bone stew or mix it with other ingredients.For stewed dishes, of course, there are many ways to make pork leg bones, and pork leg bones with sauce have another flavor.

When buying pork leg bones, the salesperson is usually asked to knock the pork leg bones in the middle so that they can eat the bone marrow inside the leg bones.

Method 1 Ingredients: pork leg bones, shallots, ginger Preparation steps: 1.

When buying large bones in the vegetable market, the chef was asked to chop the bones. After returning, the tap water was brewed for a while, one was clean, and the other was to wash off some blood.

Put tap water in the pot (you can make sure you don’t have too much bone), throw in three sections of green onions, three large slices of ginger, add cooking wine, and open the fire.

After the water is boiling, a lot of blood will be produced in China.

Remove the big bone and rinse it under running water.

The blood foam was drained.


Take out the large casserole, enough tap water, and put the big bones in.

Re-place three green onions and three ginger slices (remember not to add cooking wine again this time).

On fire, some blood foam will still come out during the boiling phase of water, just skim off.

Turn away for ten minutes and turn to low fire. The low fire will last one and a half hours to two hours.

One pot of the simplest big bone soup is just fine!

If there is more stewed soup, serve it out and season with salt when you eat it!

Method 2 Ingredients: pork leg bones, sauerkraut, shallots, ginger, aniseed. Production steps: Wash the big bones, rinse with water to remove the blood and remove.

Sauerkraut cut filaments and soak in water for 20 minutes, remove the squeezed water.

Put some oil and scallion ginger in the pot, put cooking wine, soy sauce scent, and put hot water (the water should not be an inch larger than a bone).

Zoom in on the bones and the remaining seasonings, leaving the salt alone.

Bring to a high heat and simmer over low heat for 80 minutes.

Put the sauerkraut over high heat, cook on low heat for 15 minutes, put salt, and simmer for another 5 minutes, Ginger slices, as well as garlic, pepper aniseed Chenpi, put in the pot.

Cut potatoes and radishes into chunks and cut thick slices of tofu into the pot.

Add two spoons of cooking wine and three spoons of salt.

Fill the lid with water.

Plug in the power and wait for it!